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International Trade & Logistics

KEMAS Trading provides purchasing, materials management, inventory control, warehousing, transport and distribution. We also support effective and efficient logistics supply chain management by integrating the flow of materials and goods from the initial purchase through to final delivery of a product to our customers.

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Procurement Intelligence

Market volatility causes significant challenges to procurement operations. To deliver value to the business it is critical to have insight into the current cost and market dynamics of key categories & raw materials, together with early warnings of potential market risks.


With so many sources of information available, KEMAS Trading rapidly filters out what is relevant and reliable to support effective decision making. From a one off market analysis to support your strategy development to regular price forecasts to inform buying decisions, KEMAS Trading can give you competitive insight.

Manufacturing & Product Sourcing

By using our manufacturing and global sourcing services, you would benefit from the value pricing provided by our network of fully vetted and approved vendors. Also, you will receive your product manufactured to your specifications at our unbeatable value pricing. A project manager would be assigned to you to handle both domestic and overseas communication. This is the core of our manufacturing sourcing services.



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Medical Supplies & Equipment

KEMAS Trading can help you meet the demand for medical supplies and equipment, offering products that meet global quality standards and are FDA and CE certified.

We have a comprehensive qualified database of suppliers and a highly efficient local team of procurement experts. With our help, customers can select qualified suppliers and source a huge variety of pandemic related supplies.

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OEM Apparels & Accessories

We help and serve independent fashion brands, large companies and e-commerce retailers with their sourcing and garment production requirements.

We also produce OEM garments and accessories. Any garment/accessories you have on sketch can be custom made accordingly to your requirements.

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Food & Beverages


We outsource directly from the producers in France and South Africa and distribute to our customers throughout Asia and Europe. The result is a guarantee of the quality of our products and service as well as cost savings to our clients.



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We are the leading distributors for all ranges of accessories for smartphones and other consumer electrical devices making us your one stop hub for all your electronic and mobile needs.


Our range includes Bluetooth headsets and speakers, chargers, plugs and adapters, protection and batteries plus phone pockets, phone rings, selfie sticks and tripods and stylus pens. 





Who we are:

KEMAS Trading is a provider that delivers values to client organisations through international trading and global procurement operations. Our services focus on delivering sustainable value to emerging, future-oriented markets worldwide.


We support and work closely with our clients, to provide the best service and deliver premium products and finest quality, with most competitive prices. Combining our market knowledge and expertise ensures the best possible service and price, and builds a lasting relationship with our business clients.

What we do:

We strive to help clients with their business challenges from emerging markets whether for export or for their local requirements. This includes market intelligence, supplier audit, supplier identification, sample development, negotiations, contracting, logistics, quality control & supplier management.

Where we are:

The majority of our people are based in Singapore, Shanghai, London, Frankfurt, Vienna and Brussels.



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